Collectors will want this app to keep track of everything

Collectorz for iPad
Cost: $10.49 each| | Platform:iPad |

Today’s review is a bit different in that it isn’t a single App review, but a series of them. has produced a range of easy database tools that allows you to keep track of any kind of entertainment medium you might collect.

Movies, Music, Books, Comics and Games each have their own database tool. You buy (and download) it to your computer, and then plug in all the details of the books/ games/ music that you own. even offers a barcode scanner and massive online database to make that easy.

Then you use a simple sync process to get the data on to your iPad. The presentation is impeccable, and the search function is superb. It really does give you a very clear and easy view of your entire entertainment library.

For those who like keeping a personal catalogue of their collections, it really doesn’t get better than this. Just be warned – you pay for the functionality.

Pros: Very in-depth database, cool display options, easy to input data

Cons: Pricy. You’ll be buying the PC software as well as the iPad app.

Verdict: Collectors will want this app to keep track of everything. Unless you have over 100 books/ DVDs/ games and so on, you’re likely not to see the value in this.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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