2012 - the year of Android handsets and Apple iPad in Australia: IDC

2012 - the year of Android handsets and Apple iPad in Australia: IDC

Analyst firm predicts the rise of Android and the continued domination of the iPad

The rise of Google’s Android and the continued domination of Apple’s iPad are some of the trends to expect in 2012, according to IDC.

The predictions are some of the top 10 trends the analyst firm has foreseen to have the biggest commercial impact in the A/NZ infrastructure space in 2012.

Despite the popularity of Apple’s iPhone, IDC expects that Android smartphones in Australia will take over the device this year. IDC infrastructure group senior analyst, Trevor Clarke, attributes this to the momentum of Google’s platform, particularly in the last six to 12 months.

“Android had the most shipments in Q3 last year, advertising is coming into play, and its getting support from consumers and the commercial market,” he said.

“Apple has had a very big lead for some time now, but we’re seeing Android level the field somewhat and we expect it to take over in 2012.”

While the outlook for Android handsets is positive, the same can not be said for Android tablets, with IDC expecting that the Apple iPad will maintain its dominance in the media tablet market in 2012.

Clarke said the iPad came to the market significantly earlier than the competition, in the process effectively creating the media tablet market and giving itself a big head start.

“The smartphone space is a bit more mature, and Apple has not been the only player since its inception, so in many ways Apple has a head start in the media tablet space that Android is finding it tough to catch up to,” he said.

“It's too early to tell whether that will change in the long term, but at this stage as we go into 2012, it is very unlikely that Android will really challenge the iPad in that market.”

With the proliferation of these smartphones and tablets, IDC is also predicting that 2012 will be the year mobility will “come of age” in Australia.

While Clarke admits that mobility has already found traction in some organisations for particular roles in the past, the maturation of mobility strategies across enterprises, the technologies that are being rolled out, people’s understanding of the opportunities and benefits, and the types of applications being developed is more significant now than ever before.

“It’s a very big focus and you have to look at the priority lists that are coming out from all of the end user research that we see,” he said.

“Mobility is a big focus and it will continue to drive most of the conversations at organisations.”

Clarke said while mobility might start as a devices conversation at a business, it tended to flow on to an applications conversation.

Other predictions by IDC included Windows 8 revitalising the PC market, channel partners taking Managed Print Services to SMBs, and an accelerated deployment of high performance computing in the Cloud.

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