APP OF THE DAY: Snake '97

APP OF THE DAY: Snake '97

The game that consumed too many hours is back

Snake ‘97
Cost: $0.99 | Developer:WMIT | Platform:iOS | Version 3.0.1| 5.7MB | 4.0+

Snake – the game everyone used to play on their Nokia phone – is back.

The app brings back multiple versions of the game (5110, 3210, 8210, and 8850), with a UI that resembles four Nokia phones and their keypads for original controls.

The controls are very accurate, too. While giving it a (very long) test drive, I found them responsive, with no delay. Regardless, it does take a little bit to get used to as you are tapping the screen instead of mashing buttons.

To make it a bit easier, the app also allows big and easy controls in the form of four large buttons instead of the full keypad.

With nine original and three bonus difficulty levels, it promises to be just as frustrating and mind-numbing as the traditional game.

For additional nostalgia, the app is built with monotone sounds, and a high score that cannot be reset, like in the original.

Bringing it to a contemporary context, the app offers an extra-large game mode for full-screen gameplay on your smartphone, as well as iPad support.

Two decades on from its debut, it is still just as addictive. Let's face it, the remakes just didn't cut it.

Pros: Incredibly addictive like the originals

Cons: You will lose work time.

Verdict: A great app that produces nostalgia and kills a lot of time.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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