APP OF THE DAY: Milk The Cow

APP OF THE DAY: Milk The Cow

Hilarious, awesome sound effects, you get to milk a cow

Milk The Cow
Cost: Free | Developer: Mugoco | Platform: iPhone, iPod and iPad| Version: 1.4 | 3.5 MB |

Trawling through the Apple iTunes App Store, a rather jarring icon caught my eye on the Top 25 list.

At first I thought it was an app that was not-safe-for-work since the icon reminded me of something that is usually seen in the bedroom (or a back alley). Upon closer inspection it was something less scandalous: a cow udder.

It was for an app called Milk The Cow. It is a gaming app where the objective is to milk a cow as fast as possible.

No need for previous farm experience to play the game.

There is one udder with four nipples which players have to ‘tug’ to milk the cow. By tugging I mean simply running your fingers along the nipples to draw the milk out.

The objective is to fill a bucket with milk as fast as possible.

Look, this app will not help you remember the get the milk at the grocery store nor will it help you keep track of your bills. Clearly this app is purely for banal entertainment and, based on that alone, it is effective.

I certainly had a good laugh playing it with my friends trying to see who had the fastest fingers…

Milk The Cow has some pretty good sound effects and the animation of the cow being milked is hilarious.

Pros: Hilarious, awesome sound effects, you get to milk a cow.

Cons: It’s easy to cheat in the game if you use four fingers.

Verdict: If you have ever fantasised about living on a farm, being a milk maid or just want a bit of fun while waiting for a bus, get Milk The Cow.

Get it here: Apple App Store

This app was reviewed on an Apple iPhone 4.

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