Growth of data should not be viewed as challenge but opportunity: Symantec

Growth of data should not be viewed as challenge but opportunity: Symantec

Cloud vendor capitalises on growing amount of data in business with new product offerings

Problems associated with backup can be solved through controlled data growth, unified platforms, and simplification, according to Symantec Pacific director of specialist solutions, Sean Kopelke.

With information growing by 62 per cent in the last year to nearly 800,000 petabytes, with an estimated 45 gigabytes of stored data for every one of the seven billion people on the earth, Symantec has gone as far as to classify Big Data as the “new frontier” in storage.

“There will be 1.8 billion Web enabled devices on the planet by 2016, and the amount of data generated by those devices is growing by 4000 per cent,” Kopelke said.

With Symantec finding that 49 per cent of customers typical can not meet service-level agreements (SLA) due to too much data, these rising business demands have also translated into 72 per cent of people open to switching backup product if speed doubled.

“More and bigger data, as well as tighter SLAs, means that customers struggle to cope,” Kopelke said.

Numerous obstacles, such as information protected in silos, missed backup windows, a separation between physical and virtual, and the move to Big Data platforms, have meant that Disaster Recovery (DR) has often been branded as “too complicated” by businesses and thus overlooked.

These obstacles have led to an estimated 50 per cent of SMBs not having a DR plan, a number that Symantec views as an untapped opportunity.

The vendor’s new line-up of products are designed to capitalise on these current trends, with Backup Exec 2012 having been reworked to further eliminate complexity, unite virtual and physical, and converge recovery into a single product.

The completely redesigned user interface was highlighted by Kopelke as one of the major innovations of the product, as well as the new “job stages” feature and the ability to easily scale up protection.

Backup Exec 2012 Small Business Editon and Backup have also been refreshed and are squarely aimed at enabling SMBs and remote offices.

Symantec’s new product for this year is Backup Exec 2012 V-Ray Edition, which offers protection for the VMware and Hyper-V platforms, as well as integrated deduplication.

NetBackup 7.5 has also been outfitted with new features to further enabled businesses when they backup their data, such as NetBackup Accelerator.

“Increased data growth has led to missed backup windows, but NetBackup Accelerator breaks the backup window with 100 times faster backup,” Kopelke said.

The Replication Director feature has also been included to take the complexity of managing snapshots being used as backup separately from other backups, enabling businesses to unite their snapshots and backup.

Additionally, to help users overcome the time and cost of manually searching across backup images to find specific data for eDiscovery, NetBackup Search has been included to reduce the reliance on infinite retention.

“Your backup is not your archive,” Kopelke said.

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