Email app for fans of the Gmail UI

Cost: Free | Developer:Google | Platform:iOS | Version 1.1 | 3.4MB | 4.0+

I know what you are thinking: why do we need the Gmail app when Apple provides us with its default Mail?

For me, the Gmail app feels a lot smoother and more comprehensive than Mail, and offers a close mirror of the existing website interface which I’m used to.

As a close mirror of its website foundation, the app offers all standard features.

Particularly convenient is the label system which Gmail offers. On a small smartphone screen, colour-coordinated labels assist significantly in finding specific emails in a busy inbox.

A handy feature of the app is quick selection on the default screen, which I found to help particularly in email organisation and marking.

Although the settings menu is brief in comparison to the website, it offers two essentials: a toggle between desktop and mobile signature, and vacation responder for automated bounce-back emails.

Unfortunately, the Gmail app does not appear to allow multiple account sign-ons, so those with more than one account will have to either switch between accounts, or use a secondary app.

Pros: Free, full Gmail capabilities, small file size, convenient for Gmail users.

Cons: Does not offer anything spectacular

Verdict: A great app for Gmail users who enjoy the existing interface, and love their labels.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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