ARN announces State of the IT Channel tablet winners

ARN announces State of the IT Channel tablet winners

Thanks to everybody who filled in the survey and additional question to have a chnace of winning

ARN has named the final six winners of Toshiba tablets.

Artis Group’s Chris Greatrex, Insentra’s Ronnie Altit, Insight’s Andrea Della Mattea, TDCS’ Edward Dekkers, Quark Group’s Hilton Travis and Express Data’s Omar Zia each won a Toshiba AT 100 tablet after completing ARN's State of the IT Channel Survey and filling in an additional question, How is ARN helpful to your work?

Dekkers said that accrediting ARN for providing not only him but other resellers as well with information that aided in generating profits led him to the win.

“Most [other magazines] cover the bases of things I need to know to gain knowledge in providing solutions to small businesses. ARN covers the gap perfectly for the “other” information needed to make informed decisions on business directions,” he said.

Previous winners of tablets were Synnex's Andrew Maloney, Virtual Graffiti Australia’s Jonny Wahlhaus, Fujitsu PC Australia’s Lo and Lan1’s Matthew Bertram.

ARN managing editor, Mike Gee, and ARN print editor, Matthew Sainsbury, review the submissions and select the winners. The winners acknowledged ARN in providing them with vital information on what the channel is focusing on, providing market trends and business development, as well as keeping abreast of newer technologies and factoring the impact on future trade opportunities

Several of the winners highlighted ARN's industry roundtables as a great forum they used to network with peers on topical issues or opportunities.

“ARN website is a great tool for a quick news update on the latest technology and what's happening in the industry,” Express Data’s Adobe product manager, Omar Zia, said.

Bertram said he used ARN in three ways: becoming a recipient of the daily mailing lists, reading the magazine and getting regular updates from the ARN Web page.

Wahlhaus said ARN, especially the vendor/distributor directory, helped him in his role as it provided him with the information he needed to make more informed decisions.

“As soon as I hear about a new technology being offered by a vendor, I will search for them on ARN and make appropriate judgements based on which distributors are offering this product.

""This search function has the additional value of displaying recent articles related to the vendor/distributor,” he added. ARN managing editor, Mike Gee, and ARN print editor, Matthew Sainsbury, reviewed the submissions and selected the winners.

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