Mobotix NPC 2012, Part 2: A products roadmap and showcase (incl. slideshow)

Mobotix NPC 2012, Part 2: A products roadmap and showcase (incl. slideshow)

What's on offer including surveillance security solutions and upcoming products

The Q24 hemispheric in action.

The Q24 hemispheric in action.

Part two of a three-part coverage of Mobotix’s 2012 NPC.

Part 1 – Mobotix: Sticking to its guns Part 3 - Mobotix: Gala awards dinner

Mobotix, a German supplier of high-resolution, network-based video security systems and management software, held its fifth national partner conference (NPC) on February 12-14, 2012.

Alongside a showcase of existing solutions which featured certain favourites, the company offered an insight into future plans.

In an interview, Mobotix CSO, Magnus Ekerot, also hinted at the development of an “exciting new technology” that is scheduled to be unveiled some time in 2012. Ekerot would not comment further on the development, although it seemed that it may be in production.

Products roadmap

Mobotix revealed that its will be releasing new hardware with an ‘S14’ product name within 2012.

The ‘S’ refers to ‘slim’, hinting at a range which will employ secret surveillance monitoring, and an overall smaller footprint.

Ekerot suggested the industry should expect a range of “flavours” from the S14 family.

“The solution will be built on a completely new product board, P3. It is a future-proof board that we hope will take us into the next eight to 10 years, and will allow us to build a whole range of new products on the same hardware,” Ekerot said.

Partnering the S14 range will be a set of home application software that enables function, access, and management for mobile devices, thus encouraging remote use.

Additionally, Ekerot outlined progress on a set of analytics tools that will be available in future software. Capabilities include enhanced people counting and heat mapping for both traffic and behavioural monitoring.

Existing products

Of the existing Mobotix product range, the Q24 hemispheric network camera and T24 IP video door station stole the show at the NPC, and received most attention.

The Q24 offers simultaneous quad-display through its 360 degree all-round recording capabilities. It allows a full panoramic view with digital continuous pan, tilt, and zoom. The solution always records the full image regardless of user’s zoom focus.

This product has been designed to look like a speaker as to enable greater ambiguity.

T24, a solution targeted at the home consumer, is a VoIP and SIP-enabled door station. The outdoor doorbell unit triggers a network connection with a video telephone or PC, and stores all activities with video and sound.

Mobotix also offers its RFID access module (keypad) and two-wire network module (Mx2wire info module) to accompany the T24 for a full home system.

Other products include:

  • M24 exchangeable lens camera
  • D24 FixDome camera
  • M12 dual camera with separate image sensors
  • D14 DualDome camera with two separate positionable image sensors.

Mobotix justifies use of two lenses in the latter pair by placing emphasis on simultaneous dual views, and ‘no moving parts’ to avoid wear on IR filters when cutting between day and night use.

The surveillance security solutions operate on a three megapixel resolution, displaying at 1536 lines, an increase of 51 per cent in comparison to HDTV.


Mobotix’s video management software offering come in the form of either the MxEasy or MxCC.

The MxEasy, restricted to administration of 16 cameras, is designed for small office and home environments. The solution features a transparent layout of operating elements which is compatible with touch panels, and is platform independent, operating on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The MxCC suite, which serves as a professional unrestricted management solution, allows synchronised and simultaneous event search on several cameras, enabling 30 smooth video streams.

Mobotix offers its software solutions for free with its hardware, vows to keep things that way.

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