Mobotix: Sticking to its guns (incl. slideshow)

Mobotix: Sticking to its guns (incl. slideshow)

NPC 2012 event introduced new partners and welcomed back old with showcase of products and visions

Mobotix 2012 NPC, held at Crown hotels, Melbourne, from February 12 to 14.

Mobotix 2012 NPC, held at Crown hotels, Melbourne, from February 12 to 14.

Part one of a three-part coverage of Mobotix’s 2012 NPC.

Part 2 - Mobotix: A products roadmap and showcase Part 3 - Mobotix: Gala awards dinner

Mobotix, a German supplier of high-resolution, network-based video security systems and management software, held its fifth national partner conference (NPC) on February 12-14, 2012.

The conference featured a comprehensive overview of the company’s history and profile, while both showcasing existing products and assessing future visions.

Main events, which were scattered across Crown’s three Melbourne hotels, included a keynote, product demonstration, and the gala awards dinner.


The keynote, presented by Mobotix chief sales officer (CSO), Magnus Ekerot, focused on welcoming new partners to the company agenda.

Following an elaborate overview, he moved on to speak of the company’s products, its capabilities and technology, and future business and products roadmaps.

Ekerot compared the company’s ethos to that of Apple’s, stating that it is ‘sticking to its guns’ regardless of competitors’ developments.

Mobotix product vision entails three factors, according to Ekerot: technology, usability, and business opportunity.

As part of its market-driven product development approach and sales structure, the company will not proceed with a solution if the technology will not have an impact on the security market, if it is difficult to use or implement, or if it cannot present a business opportunity and profit for the company or partners.

Additionally, Mobotix operates through a second tier distribution structure that resembles the channel. It only sells to distributors, who only sell to resellers, who then sell to the end-user, following channel structure.

Ekerot, in addressing company growth, mentioned the future need for extra development resources in anticipation of such business and product growth, mentioning that acquisitions may be on the near agenda.

This comes on the back of company plans to increase market share by 20 per cent within two years, as well as hopes to become a major player in the building automation and electrician channel, which remains an untapped area for the company.

Partner program

A highlight of the NPC was an upcoming partner program, scheduled to be launched within the next few months.

In an interview, Ekerot said, “It is important for us to get closer to our integrators and resellers, and it is in that area where you will see the largest development from us.”

“Education is a critical element of the whole Mobotix way of doing business, and we need to be much better at that.”

“There is a new educational curriculum that we have brought out, addressing how we are training and certifying customers. If we offer training, the second tier will find greater success with our products,” he added.

In addition, Mobotix aims to become more global by localising services. Issues raised by partners during the keynote which Ekerot forecasts will be resolved include the lack of a dedicated Australian website, Euro-only currency display, and language translation issues in manuals.

Fiscal Q1 2011/2012 report

Earlier this month, Mobotix reported a successful start to the fiscal year with a €20.8 million revenue for the first quarter, and EBIT of €4.9 million. Additionally, EBITDA reached €5.8 million with a margin of almost 29 per cent.

The company forecasts a growth of 30 to 35 per cent and an EBIT margin of 23 per cent for the current fiscal year.

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