APP OF THE DAY: Darth Maul Me (+ slideshow)

APP OF THE DAY: Darth Maul Me (+ slideshow)

Awesome fun, great quality for a free app, good photo adjustment tools available

I was forcibly 'Mauled' by my editor...

I was forcibly 'Mauled' by my editor...

Darth Maul Me
Cost: Free | Developer: LucasArts | Platform: iPhone/iPod/iPad/Android Phone | Version: 1 | 15.9 MB |

I’m not a fan of the Star Wars prequels. Not that it stopped me from downloading the Darth Maul Me app which is so obviously a marketing ploy to garner more exposure for the re-release of Star Wars: Episode I in 3D.

My first thought when I saw the app was free on iTunes was “Oh dear, this is going to be a really low quality one”. But upon obtaining it, I realised I may have underestimated Darth Maul Me.

The basic premise of the app is it can turn any of portrait picture of a person on your phone into one of Star Wars’ most iconic villain (mind you that’s only because he had such a grotesque head). Just make sure the eyes of the picture are aligned with the provided markers.

You can take a picture on the spot or use an existing photo. The photo adjustment tools provided by Darth Maul Me are actually quite impressive. Photos can be enlarged, cropped and rotated to get the Darth Maul mask just right.

Once that has been done the photo will be processed and the selected person’s face will slowly morph into Darth Maul’s ugly mug – complete with sound effects and cool animations.

The app is by no means perfect. If you happen to have taken a photo of a face on an angle, the Darth Maul mask will not sit properly.

But it’s free so just have fun with it. I clearly did, as I raced around the office Darth Mauling all my co-workers’ faces while shouting “you have been MAULED!”

This app was reviewed on an iPhone 4

Pros: Awesome fun, great quality for a free app, good photo adjustment tools available

Cons: Sometimes Darth Maul mask doesn't look right in picture, large file size, may annoy co-workers

Verdict: It's free and it's fun so get it.

Get it here: Star Wars website

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