APP OF THE DAY: Park Patrol

APP OF THE DAY: Park Patrol

A user community that pinpoints parking officers near your location

Park Patrol
Cost: $1.99 | | Platform:iOS | Version 1.5 | 2.3MB | 4.0+

Parking in Sydney can be a painful task. Not only do you sit in traffic for hours, but once you reach your destination, there are a lack of spots and it costs a fortune. The last thing you want is to find a ticket on your windshield because you couldn’t make it to your vehicle in time.

Park Patrol to the rescue! The app tracks your location, and offers a map which pinpoints parking officer locations as reported by other users.

When you spot an officer yourself, you simply press the “Send Alert” button, and it will pin your location for others to see.

To ensure you do not forget to re-park or top up, an alarm feature allows you to activate a countdown timer to remind you.

The paid version of the app adds additional features, including an expiration alarm, allowing you to set the specific time your ticket expires, custom tones, a drag-able parking pin to adjust your parking location, report filter, and an exclusive pro user icon that lets others know you’ve contributed to the community.

As it is a user-built community, it is subject to misuse and exploitation: users may abuse the system by placing false alarms, or not posting at all. Likewise, officers themselves may be using the app to make you nervous.

Pros: Free version available, will help to save you from getting a parking fine.

Cons: Accuracy subject to user participation and activity, logically unable to track movement or mobile officers

Verdict: A great app to have by your side while you’re at work or out and about so you know whether parking officers are near your vehicle.

Get it here:Apple App Store

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