Images 'show iPad 3 with quad-core chip'

Images 'show iPad 3 with quad-core chip'

Shady source claims to be in possession of third-generation iPad prototype

The iPad 3 has a quad-core processor which will be known as the A6 and has the codename S5L8945X, if some recently-taken photographs are to be believed.

The BGR website published the photos which it claims come from a source who has an iPad 3 prototype in his or her possession.

The images show output from the supposed iPad 3 running the iBoot development and debugging tool, and appear to show codes referring to next-generation iPad models as well as the reference to the new processor.

As the article informs us, the A4 processor used the code S5L8930X whereas the A5 uses the code S5L8940X. By that logic, the S5L8945X code must mean that this prototype is using an A6 processor, BGR reckons, though it seems to us that this could also be a code for a modified A5 chip.

iPad 3 will be 'turning point in history of Apple' and other hyperbole

BGR also makes the quad-core claim on the basis only of what it has been told previously, as there is no data in the images that supports this. Given the vague nature of the source and the claims, as well as BGR's questionable track record with Apple-related predictions in the past, we'd take this one with a large pinch of salt.

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