BMC sniffs for DB2 opportunities

BMC sniffs for DB2 opportunities

Software vendor BMC Software has launched a campaign to pick up more business for its range of DB2-compliant tools, by slamming the sales strategy one of its main business partners.

BMC is offering credits to any customers paying the extra charges IBM has placed on base utilities for the DB2.

David Tighe, principle software consultant for OS/390 and z/OS at BMC Software, said that in past releases of DB2, IBM included some base standard utilities for unloading, loading, re-organising, backing up and recovery of data as part of a monthly rental fee. On top of these products, BMC software has profited from the sale of enhanced versions of these utilities for further scalability, speed or functionality.

But on the recently released Version 7 of DB2, BMC claims IBM is charging for the base utilities that were previously free. In an effort to capitalise on the issue, BMC will credit its customers the costs of IBM's DB2 utilities.

Peter Graham, general manager of DB2 for IBM said the tools were previously bundled with DB2, and customers had technically always paid for them. He refuted BMC's claim that customers were being charged for utilities previously free.

Instead he said the cost of the utilities are now being invoiced separately to the customer as the vendor had recently broke off its utilities tools business from the rest of its database business. "Any claim that we were increasing our pricing is incorrect," he said. "We have just separated the pricing of our tools from the database engine."

Tighe claims whichever way you look at it - as a different way of invoicing or as an additional charge - the change is causing issues for IT departments. "From an accounting point of view, the people holding the purse strings see two line items on the bill that looks very similar," he said. "We are trying to make it easier for IT people to use DB2 by crediting the cost of the base utilities against any purchase of BMC Solutions you are using."

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