Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to deploy IBM's XIV Gen3 disk storage systems

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank to deploy IBM's XIV Gen3 disk storage systems

Local banks first to adopt recently announced IBM storage solution

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is aiming to inject a new level of efficiency into its customer services by adopting IBM’s XIV Storage System Gen3 disk storage systems.

The banking institution, which also owns and operates Sandhurst Trustees, Leveraged Equities and numerous other businesses, is an early adopter of the recently announced technology and the first Australian organisation to actively deploy it.

The XIV Gen3 is being adopted as “a key infrastructure component” for the bank’s expansion of its customer-focused business applications.

While Bendigo and Adelaide Bank storage team leader, Greg Smith, is aware that the XIV Gen3 solution has just been announced, he points out that the bank is no stranger to the technology having already implemented IBM XIV Gen2 units in its Bendigo data centre.

“The new IBM XIV Gen3 units will provide us with the capacity to deliver and maintain significant performance improvements as our storage utilisation grows, without storage issues,” Smith said.

“We expect to see considerable benefits, including improved and consistent application response times.”

The bank will deploy the XIV Gen3 units as part of its upgrades to improve capacity for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s customer service operations, which also happens to include new IBM SAN Volumes Controller nodes.

In particular, two XIV Gen3 units, coupled with new SAN Volume Controller nodes, are expected to deal with the bank's growing IO load and storage server CPU utilisation.

“We have a strong relationship with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and were able to offer flexible storage solutions to meet the bank’s needs not only today, but also in the future,” IBM Australia and New Zealand systems and technology group general manager, Francois Vazille, said.

Another useful characteristic of the XIV Gen3 is optimisation for Cloud computing and virtualisation, which the bank hopes to use for future service expansion without needing to make further costly investments into extra hardware.

According to Smith, this will enable the institution to consolidate its storage requirements into “a smaller number of controllers” on the same floor space.

“The IBM XIV Gen3s will ensure performance improvements in our applications, allowing us to provision storage quickly so that the bank can continue to grow, within its current data centre footprint,” he added.

IBM’s business partner, ISI, collaborated with IBM on implementing XIV Gen3 at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

“The team at ISI has a deep understanding of both Bendigo and Adelaide Bank’s infrastructure needs, as well as a breadth and depth of the IBM product portfolio,” ISI enterprise systems national leader, Tom Kolder, said.

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