Internode first to take IPv6 plunge

Internode first to take IPv6 plunge

All new customers of the South Australia-based ISP will be automatically assigned IPv6 addresses

Internode has laid claim to being the first ISP to make IPv6 standard for all new customers.

IP addresses are used to identify devices connected to the Internet and each one is unique.

A number of Internet groups and telcos, including iiNet and Internode, have pushed for the mass adoption of IPv6 since IPv4 address spaces are fast depleting.

IPv6 boasts a much bigger pool of IP addresses than IPv4 though there is still some lingering scepticism as to whether it is the panacea to the IP address depletion issue.

Internode switched on dual stack support on January 10 which allows for operation of IPv4 and IPv6 to work at the same time.

All new customers will be assigned IPv6 addresses for their connected devices while existing customers will have to log onto the Internode website to make the switch.

An IPv6 compatible router is required.

“We’re at the stage in IPv6 deployment where it’s time for major ISPs to make it a transparent part of their customer’s experience,” Internode managing director, Simon Hackett, said in a statement.

Internode completed its 12-month IPv6 trial in November 2010 and claimed IPv6-ready status three months later.

The South Australia-based ISP was recently acquired by iiNet.

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