Hitachi hoses down CRT fears

Hitachi hoses down CRT fears


Hitachi Australia has moved to quash rumours the company is getting out of cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors completely following an announcement it will halt CRT production in Japan by the end of the year.

Although Hitachi will no longer manufacture its own CRTs, the company will outsource production to third party manufacturers. Hitachi is keen to assure the channel monitors will still be sold under the Hitachi brand and that it will continue to back CRT technology through licencing to other manufacturers.

"Hitachi expects that the growth it has experienced in [CRT] monitors will continue in Australia," said Bernhard Kotarski, general manager of Hitachi Australia. "For the last six months compared to the same period last year monitor sales were up 18 per cent and the forecast is that sales will increase 21 per cent in the next 12 months."

Hitachi admits the decision to exit CRT manufacturing is in response to the limited growth of the technology in comparison with liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and thin film transistors (TFTs). In the last six months, thin film transistor sales grew more than 500 per cent, and with prices declining, the trend is set to continue.

"LCD, TFT, plasma and on glass technologies are the future technologies in display which are further along the technology curve," Kotarski said.

The vendor will increasingly focus on high value CRT monitors for the professional market and is in the process of releasing a number of new models, including a new flat 21-inch screen with tiny dot-pitch and flat 17-inch and 19-inch screens.

However, it will also place a lot of emphasis on its new TFT and plasma displays, which will be released within the next month and a half.

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