2011's top stories: iPhone 5

2011's top stories: iPhone 5

iPhone 5 has been a hot topic of 2011, what with lost prototypes, leaked specifications and the iPhone 4S debacle

This year Macworld readers wanted to know about the secret details of the iPhone 5, which we know now, was in fact iPhone 4S. From lost prototypes, to leaked specifications, the internet was awash with on-going speculations of what the iPhone 5 would look like and what it would be able to do.

When it was reported that an iPhone 5 prototype had been lost in San Francisco, reports flooded in on its design. Apple were said to have contacted the San Francisco police and offered money for its return to one man, no questions asked, but he denied all knowledge of the phone. A frenzy began amongst Apple enthusiasts as they heard the rumours of the design: said to be tear shaped, lighter, thinner, wider, and shorter.

Rumours of the change in shape were quickly dispelled when it was suggested that Apple had supposedly put the iPhone 5 in an iPhone 4 case to hide it, hard to do that if they're different shapes, right? And just when the hype appeared to be settling down, stories of new cases made in China for the iPhone arrived, restarting all of the predictions and assumptions.

Apple has made it even simpler to organise your schedule and send messages with the iPhone 4S. The talk about Revolutionary Voice Interface was true! Now you can coordinate your busy lives with even less effort and complication thanks to Siri. Fuelling the rumour of RVI was 9to5mac's Mark Gurman, who wrote in detail about the prospects of a new 'Assistant' feature for iOS 5.

Siri can organise your calendar for you as well as completing tasks like sending text messages to friends from your dictation, finding tickets for events, creating alarms and appointments in calendars as well as finding directions using GPS. The system will even ask questions and request for further information from the user to determine the best possible answer.

The other exciting new element of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 was Find My Friends. An iPhone social network that had been talked about for a while. Find my Friends is essentially like Twitter but on a map, you can see the location of those you are following and those who are following you and you can view profiles. There were suspicions at one point that Find My Friends might not be released with the iPhone 4S, as reports said that Apple had been pausing and resuming the project for a while.

After over four months of assumptions, the iPhone 5 arrived in the form of the 4S. People everywhere wanted to know when and where they could get an iPhone 4S. The pre-orders began for the smartphone on 7 October and could be bought in stores from 14 October. Nine days before the iPhone 4S could even be bought, the was one solitary customer queueing outside London's Covent Garden Apple store.

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