EMC tips hand on storage secrets

EMC tips hand on storage secrets

EMC announced last week it will make its treasured Interoperability Support Matrices - commonly recognised as the most comprehensive portfolio of open information storage solutions - available to the public.

The move is a threefold effort to increase interoperability throughout the industry; to demonstrate the breath of research and development and expertise the storage firm possesses; and as a show of faith to vendors who currently deny access to EMC and its probing.

Justine Drake, marketing communications manager for EMC Australia and New Zealand, said opening the book on the matrices will by no means jeopardise the firm's competitive advantage.

"EMC has invested some $2 billion in the equipment and expertise needed to achieve tested interoperability across a vast range of switches, servers, operating systems and other components, including non-EMC storage devices," explains Paul Frith, EMC managing director for Australia and New Zealand.

"It's difficult, it's expensive and there are no overnight solutions. It's not something our competitors can do just by giving them a bit of paper."

He said the matrices will

assist resellers and IT managers cut through vendor claims and assess rationally the proven, practical interoperability offered by

competing information storage suppliers.

"We are proving to our customers and partners that we can work with a variety of different hardware," said Drake.

EMC matrices are available from There is a limited criteria system for access.

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