Load balancing between ISPs

Load balancing between ISPs

Networking vendors have rallied behind new technologies enabling companies to load balance Internet traffic between multiple ISPs and are challenging resellers to take up the call.

The ability to direct inbound and outbound traffic across the most available, or cost effective ISP connection means a lower spend on telecommunications services and increased security by pairing information streams across numerous ISPs. At least this is the message being touted by Israeli vendor Radware and US-based Stonesoft.

Stonesoft recently appointed LAN Systems to distribute its virtual private network (VPN) and Firewall offering, StoneGate. The product is designed to maximise an organisation's telco spend by using a faster, more expensive ISP for mission-critical traffic and a slower, less expensive ISP for common data.

Boasting similar ISP load balancing functionality but taking a different approach is Radware's LinkProof offering. Also distributed through LAN Systems and a select tier of direct resellers, the vendor released version 3.2 of the product last week.

Instead of being a software-based firewall, LinkProof is a solid state box, which sits between the network and an organisation's Internet routers. It assigns Internet traffic between routers and onto two or more ISPs.

LinkProof also monitors the health of all routers in the farm, and periodically checks each router path and the health of user-defined nodes beyond the router.

Tony Burke, general manager Radware Australia, claims the market for bandwidth provisioning between multiple ISPs is virtually untapped in Australia.

Prices for StoneGate and LinkProof

are available from LAN Systems (02) 9432 1053.

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