iPhone 5, Steve Jobs, and iPad 2 are Google’s most searched in 2011

iPhone 5, Steve Jobs, and iPad 2 are Google’s most searched in 2011

Some of the most searched tech-related terms in 2011 include Apple products, Google+ and Battlefield 3

Apple products were some of the most searched tech-related terms of 2011, according to Google.

The search engine just released a list of the top searched terms for 2011, with tech-related terms occupying half of the top ten searches for the year.

The term iPhone 5 came in at sixth, fuelled by months of rumours and anticipation by consumers and analysts for Apple’s newest smartphone

While many pundits expected a larger screen, edge-to-edge glass, an eight megapixel camera, and extensive voice controls from the new smartphone, which many people dubbed the iPhone 5, the rumours were found to be ultimately inaccurate as Apple released the upgraded iPhone 4S instead.

According to Google’s statistics, the iPhone 5 term was the most searched in the week of September 25, which was just one week ahead of Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 4S.

Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs came in at nine, who has become a household name thanks to Apple’s success with Mac computers and iPods, as well as more recently with iPhones and iPads.

Searches for Steve Jobs reached their peak in the week of October 2, after he passed away at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer.

Having seen a launch earlier in the year, the sleeker and more lightweight iPad 2 came in at tenth.

The hype behind the device was evident in it virtually selling out in its first week on the market, with 500,000 units sold just in its debut weekend, and searches for iPad 2 hit their peak in the week of February 27, two weeks before it went on sale on the web and in retail stores.

While Apple had a wide influence when it came to search terms, the big winner for the year was Google+, which came in at an impressive second place.

The search giant threw its gauntlet down in the social space with the launch of Google+ in June, amassing a user base of more than 10 million people in just three weeks following the announcement.

The Google+ term peaked in the weeks of July 10 and September 20, approximately two weeks following its launch and the announcement of open sign-ups respectively.

The other tech-related search term to top the list was EA’s first-person shooter video game, Battlefield 3, which occupied the fifth spot.

When the game launched in the United States and United Kingdom in the week of October 23, the game not only sold five million copies in its first week, but the search term also peaked.

For the full list of most searched terms in 2011, go to:

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