Allied announces Gigabit network adapters

Allied announces Gigabit network adapters


Allied Telesyn International recently announced two gigabit network adapters for servers or workstations, aimed at companies looking to take advantage of falling prices for Gigabit Ethernet equipment.

Allied's 1000Base-SX and 1000Base-T server adapters can send gigabit-speed traffic over 550 metres of single-mode fibre or 100 metres over category 5 or 6 copper cabling, respectively. The network interface cards (NIC) are priced much lower than Allied's previous gigabit adapters, which cost $US600 to $1200 for copper or fibre versions.

Both PCI-based NICs support features such as 802.1Q virtual LAN tagging for identifying 64 VLAN segments in a network. The NICs can also sense slower 10Mbps and 100Mbps Ethernet connections. The copper-based AT-2930T costs $200, and the fibre-based AT-2930SX is priced at $500.

Both NICs are available now.

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