ACCOLADES: Best Reseller Performance Initiative, ASI Solutions

ACCOLADES: Best Reseller Performance Initiative, ASI Solutions

Interview with ASI Solutions sales and marketing director, Maree Lowe

ASI Solutions' Maree Lowe

ASI Solutions' Maree Lowe

Accolades recognises the winners at this year's ARN IT Industry Awards - the best of the best. This year’s ARN Awards recognised standout companies selling to all levels of customers; from the enterprise right through to the small SMBs. Each ‘level’ of customer has its own unique pain points and challenges, and many resellers have developed exceptional skills to address their specific target markets. This year’s Best Reseller Initiative Award recognised a reseller that has been instrumental in launching a very beneficial product to the education market.

Going strong since 1985, ASI Solutions has made a name for itself for its IT services to education and corporate sectors. In particular, the company’s focus on education technology and ways it can enable collaboration earned it recognition at this year’s ARN awards.

ASI Solutions sales and marketing director, Maree Lowe, attributes the business’s success to education at schools moving towards being interactive, collaborative, community focused and self-paced so students can learn at their own speed.

“In the last two years, there was a huge increase in installation of interactive whiteboards, which is fine in itself, but the very next stage is basically where students can interact with boards and other students through a learning response system (LRS),” Lowe said.

“That gives every student in the classroom a voice, where they can either text or vote during a lesson.”

ASI Solutions has been acting as the Australian distributor for Promethean, a vendor of interactive whiteboards, and initially started with them approximately four years ago.

“Promethean was known in the market, but was a newer player,” Lowe said.

The attraction of Promethean’s offerings for ASI Solutions was that it could facilitate a “learning response systems” by giving every student a voice in every classroom.

“In traditional classrooms, the quiet students usually don’t say anything and the talkative ones do all of the talking, so teachers find it difficult to gage whether the students are interested in or understand the lesson, which in turn would make reporting difficult.”

While ASI Solutions has looked at ways to use these interactive voting devices beyond simply installing interactive whiteboards in schools, the next frontier for Lowe is to bring all of these devices into a unified communications platform.

“Use of interactive boards and voting in schools is already happening now, and I think we’ll see huge growth as time goes on,” she said.

ASI Solutions is planning to overlay this technology with the use of video conferencing over the next few months.

“The unified communications message at schools is going to be a big deal in the next year, so we will continue to be involved in these technologies and partner with other companies to look at ways to consolidate video conferencing with the integration of whiteboards at schools, communities and globally.”

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