We're riddled by insecurity

We're riddled by insecurity

Australia's information security is caught in the "Dark Ages".

This was the message from one Ditmar Brugman, a Netherlands-based security consultant, upon visiting our friendly shores.

Brugman, an information security consultant with Getronics Information Security Solutions, said information security in Australia doesn't cut it with our peers in the US and Europe. In fact, he believes our information security is severely lacking and completely out of date.

"The Australian culture of ‘no worries' is alive and well, especially when it comes to IT security. While it is a sad reflection on the way things are today, applying the no worries attitude to information security will only lead to considerable worries," Brugman said in a statement.

Tabloid is amazed a security expert from the Netherlands could be so quick to make generalisations about the local IT landscape.

"Perhaps he came to this opinion within minutes of seeing the infrastructure Getronics' local office has in place?" speculated one competitor.

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