You’ll come away from the game with a greater appreciation of just what mankind is doing to the planet

Greed Corp HD Cost:$4.99 | Developer: Invictus | Platform: iPad | Version 1.0 | 154 MB | iOS 3.2+

It’s rare that a game carries with it such a strong, but subtle, environmental message. Yes, Greed Corp HD gets to claim it’s fun AND educational!

It uses a board game format to get its message across. Each turn you’ll build harvesters, workers and missile turrets, and move them around a hexagonal environment. The goal is simply to be the last man standing.

The catch is the harvesters, which provide you with precious resources that you need to be competitive, destroy the landscape as they harvest. There’s a tragic element to watching the gorgeous green landscape ripped to shreds by industrial, warring factions.

There’s both single player an online multiplayer – Greed Corp is a full-featured game. It’s easy to play, with just a handful of different units, but difficult to master, as it’s quite a strategic game that requires careful utilisation of the limited resources.

And you’ll come away from the game with a greater appreciation of just what mankind is doing to the planet.

Pros: A clever little game with a strong message backing it.

Cons: The people that need to play this game probably won’t.

Verdict: Greed Corp HD is a good game with a good message. Intelligent stuff.

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