APP OF THE DAY: Animation Creator

APP OF THE DAY: Animation Creator

You’ll want an iPad stylus to get the most out of this program

Animation Creator HD
Cost: $1.99 | Developer:Red Software | Platform: iPad | Version 1.7.2 | 8.1 MB

Remember flip books? Those little booklets with each page holding one picture, slightly different from the previous once, that, when you flip through them quickly, a little animation will be played?

Those were fun, both to watch and to create, and Animation Creator lets you do much the same thing on your iPad.

It’s a very simple animation program, with just a few tools to play with. As such you won’t be making Disney-quality productions here, but for those silly little animations for friends and family, this is perfect, and for people able to do great things with simple tools, there is an export to YouTube option.

In addition to a handful of bushes and colour, there’s the ability to record music (sadly, not import from your iPad’s music collection), and most importantly there’s the ability to use onion skinning, where the previous frame of your animation appears on the new frame as a ghostly outline, to make sure you can keep the frames smooth.

One other really nice feature is the ability to import photos from the photo library, to make those lego stop animations that are so much fun.

Playback allows for up to 12 frames per second, which is adequate for simple animations, but again, no Disney.

You’ll also want an iPad stylus to get the most out of this program, as drawing precise lines and the like is difficult with just a finger.

Pros: Really easy to use, and it’s possible to make simple, but good looking animations on this one. Great as a creative tool for kids to play with, too.

Cons: You’ll need a stylus, and the maximum frames per second is set at 12, which isn’t really enough for serious animators

Verdict: A fun little animation program for the amateurs.

Get it here: appmeister, Patrick Budmar, your review or the name of the app you would like to see reviewed.

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