iiNet ‘Easter egg’ ad banned

iiNet ‘Easter egg’ ad banned

The Perth-ISP said it was just a bit of fun and had no intention of breaking any advertising rules.

A recent TV ad from Perth-based ISP, iiNet, has been banned due to allegations of it contains subliminal messages.

In the final moments of the ad, which talks about the company’s Naked DSL services, two frames contained a message which praised viewers for catching the ‘Easter egg’ and to visit a link to claim a prize.

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An Easter egg is a term for hidden messages that are intentionally put into certain media including movies, TV shows and books. It is commonly used in DVDs.

It is a blink-and-you’ll-miss it message but that was enough to get iiNet in hot water with commercial free-to-air TV industry body, Free TV’s Commercials Advice department.

The ad was no longer allowed to be aired as of yesterday.

According to a blog post by iiNet retail general manager, Matt Dunstan, at least 4400 found the Easter egg which and was widely discussed online.

“We didn’t do it to break the law or create a social buzz (as much as I’d like to say we did),” he said in the blog post. “We did it because we wanted to do things differently to how others are doing it.

“We believe in having fun and because we want to have real engagement with our customers, rather than just preaching to them via traditional, one-way advertising.”

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