iPad rules tablet Web traffic

iPad rules tablet Web traffic

iPads deliver more than 97 per cent of all US tablet traffic, totalling a higher share of Internet use than iPhones, according to comScore

The Apple iPad is by far the most popular tablet device used to browse the Web, according to the latest figures from comScore. Android tablets are nowhere to be seen, as the research found iPads deliver more than 97 per cent of all US tablet traffic, totaling a higher share of Internet use than iPhones.

The flurry of inexpensive Android tablets released in the past few month led ABI Research in August to report that Android media tablets collectively swallowed some 20 per cent of the tablet market. However, the comScore figures for the same month show that the rise of Android tablets -- at the detriment of the iPad - is premature.

Android smartphones may dominate their market but their tablet counterparts don’t seem poised to do that any time soon. ComScore’s research indicates iPads rule among tablets in driving digital traffic with a whopping 97.2 per cent of all tablet traffic in the United States. iPads now even account for a higher share of Internet traffic than iPhones: 46.8 per cent vs. 42.6 per cent of all iOS device traffic.

iOS as a whole also accounts for the largest chunk of mobile Internet traffic in the U.S. with 43 percent. Android has the highest share of the smartphone market (pinned at 43 percent) but lags in Web traffic at 34 percent.

What consumers do with their iPads

iPad users, dubbed “digital omnivores” by comScore, like to shop, read news and get social. A third of them are between the ages of 25 and 34, with half of them belonging to households with incomes of over $100,000. Nearly half of them have made or completed a purchase with the tablet, while the rest did their shopping research on the iPad, too.

Tablet users are news junkies as well, the research found. Nearly three out of five iPad owners consume world, national or local news, with a quarter of them doing so on a near-daily basis. Social networking is a popular past time with tablet owners as well, with nearly three in five updating their statuses or leaving comments during September.

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