Software Spectrum saves ASX $200K

Software Spectrum saves ASX $200K

The Australian Stock Exchange will have an extra $200,000 in its back pocket over the next four years, thanks to volume licensing and software purchasing management from Software Spectrum.

The ASX runs over 100 different software products and applications to service its 1400 publicly listed companies and 50,000-60,000 daily share transactions. When manually counting orders became increasingly difficult, the ASX approached Software Spectrum for its assistance in developing an accurate, efficient and cost-effective method to purchase and administer software solutions.

Software Spectrum deployed a Licensing Gap Analysis to ascertain the ASX's purchasing history, reconcile its purchase records and compare purchases to existing inventory. The analysis revealed the ASX was paying more than it needed to for licensing individual products and found volume agreements could derive a greater return on investment.

As a result of Software Spectrum's changes, the ASX saves more than 25 per cent on purchasing Microsoft products alone.

"The ASX uses advanced IT systems. Our primary focus is on supporting our customers through developing and maintaining these systems. This doesn't allow a lot of time for handling the intricacies of hundreds of different licensing agreements," said Marisa Soligo, the ASX's information technology purchasing officer.

"Any software vendor can provide pricing. We wanted assistance to deliver innovative information to help us maximise our software purchases," she said.

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