yARN: I fought the Mac and the Mac won

yARN: I fought the Mac and the Mac won

One man's tale of conversion from Android to Apple

Apple, you have nothing to fear in Samsung's Galaxy Tab. Now I plead with you, throw down your guns.

I say this because Apple recently triumphed in my long-held, personal struggle against using its products.

I abandoned Android/Windows not because of the closed ecosystem or lack of competition, but rather the attention to detail and seamless user experience that oozes out of every Mac product.

I was personally offended by the way Apple curtails the freedom of its users and eliminates the competition, tactics which would shame any despot anywhere in the world.

In fact, any former/failed despots would do well to study the technology giant's ability to oppress any competition with countless patent lawsuits, wield the crushing power of its production supply chain, and trap users into its ecosystem.

For its efforts, Apple has inspired legions of diehard supporters around the world.

But for a wildly successful company that has forever changed markets and lives of consumers, this bizarrely paranoid and insecure behaviour makes Michael Jackson look like a well-adjusted human being.

It was difficult but even I have overlooked these insecurities and indiscretions to embrace the inner-beauty of Mac products. Now Apple, I ask you to do the same.

I was one of the most staunch opposers of Apple, espousing the evils of the company and how it would ultimately herald the end of civilisation.

As a result I took refuge in the arms of a loveable green robot - Android - whose cold embrace is akin to the love of a harsh-but-fair parent. It will give you the skills you need to survive in the world, but beyond that, you're on your own.

It wasn't perfect: I even run a version of Android which is identical to the iOS interface - the Chinese-developed MIUI but I always contended it was a lot better than the tough "love" that Apple showers on its customers (prisoners?).

Despite my vocal role in the Android resistance, Apple became more popular and profitable - it will no doubt start lending cash to the US Government - and society didn't descend into some Big Brother style, post-apocalyptic war zone I had previously envisaged.

Coupled with the daily challenges I experience with Android, I decided to try out Mac.

My first contact was with a Mac keyboard, and when my fingers felt the sleek, effortless keys, it was love at first touch.

I moved on to the innovative trackpad which transformed the daunting task of word processing into a creative experience - like belting out a haunting rendition of Beethoven's fifth on a Schwechten Concert Grand Piano.

Ultimately, Apple has changed the game by creating very functional products, beautiful in their simplicity, and inspiring consumers through innovative marketing.

I still love the empowerment and freedom of Android but the manufacturers have so far struggled to even remotely replicate the magical user experience built into every Apple computer and device, right down to the humble wall power unit.

Apple, you have nothing to fear, please overcome your insecurities and learn to love the good work you have achieved in the world. I know I have.

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