Internode revises NBN plan prices

Internode revises NBN plan prices

It has boosted data quotas, removed voice bundling requirements and reduced prices

ISP, Internode has overhauled its NBN plans boosting data quotas, removing voice bundling requirements and reducing prices.

Internode first announced its NBN prices in July, but since then NBN Co has made significant revisions to its Concentrating Virtual Circuit (CVC) pricing model that address major cost overheads previously present during the ramp-up period of the NBN commercial rollout.

These changes, along with other changes in underlying supply economics since July, enabled Internode to offer its customers a range of new retail plans to launch the commercial phase of the NBN.

It has reduced the price in its NBN plan offerings by $10, which means plans now start from $49.95 per month.

It also substantially reduced the cost differential to move to higher NBN line speeds. For example, 100/40 Mbps port speed services now start from $74.95 per month.

It also increased the previous 200GB data quota tier to 300GB and is doubling the 300GB data quota tier to 600GB.

All Internode NBN plans offer access quota on a ‘use anytime’ basis, instead of splitting it into ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak.’

Voice services will now be an optional extra starting with a $0 rental cost ‘“pay-as-you-go” voice service and offering other voice plans that include increased call value.

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