CD Projekt Red Voices Thoughts on DLC

CD Projekt Red Voices Thoughts on DLC

In conversation with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, CD Projekt Red's development director Adam Badowski had some choice words to share regarding DLC and the more restrictive policies Microsoft require its publishers to follow.

"We don't see the idea [of paid DLC] as wrong, but we definitely don't like to see gamers treated like dairy cows that are primed for milking," said Badowski. "All too often, DLC is seen as an additional revenue opportunity. That's not bad in itself -- we're not only in this industry to make games, we're also here to do business. But we shouldn't look at it exclusively from the latter angle, because that sometimes leads to decisions that could leave a bad taste in one's mouth. If you only think about the business in terms of the money it can generate, I think you could come awfully close to forcing players to buy something additional in order to enjoy fully a game they just bought. And that's simply not fair."

Badowski admitted that this isn't always the case, but his team is committed to providing additional content for The Witcher 2 on PC for free. His reasoning behind this is that he believes consumers are well within their rights to expect a developer to continue servicing their product after release, rather than just washing their hands of it.

When the Xbox version of The Witcher 2 launches, however, life may not be so simple. Due to Microsoft policies that need to be followed, Badowski says, free DLC is likely to be out of the question. That said, the Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 will incorporate everything from the new version 2.0 update -- itself offering several months worth of DLC packages.

"Any payable DLC that appears [for PC] is likely to be a more classic expansion pack along the lines of, say, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast," added Badowski. "But this is a purely theoretical discussion at this point, as we have yet to confirm or even plan any official expansion packs."

This article originally appeared on as CD Projekt Red on DLC: 'We Don't Like to See Gamers Treated Like Dairy Cows'

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