Yamaha sings convergence tune

Yamaha sings convergence tune

Yamaha has announced a host of new products aimed at bringing together the converging technologies of home entertainment and the PC in the consumer living room.

Under the banner Convergent Audio Visual and Information Technology (CAVIT), Yamaha introduced a new product line that plays MP3 sound formats as well as other computer, DVD and CD files. The category's first product, the APU70 amplifier, uses three electronic components: a five-channel receiver/processor, a two-channel amplifier/processor, and a processor-only unit. Yamaha has also introduced a speaker system to the new product line.

The vendor already offers an extensive product line in the new CAVIT category in overseas markets, but the Australian launch has been more low key, according to the company.

"We have elected to progress prudently with a single amplifier/speaker combination in light of our relatively small market share compared to the US or Japan," said sales and marketing manager for IT products at Yamaha Music Australia, Geoff Crane.

Having moved into the peripherals market in November last year with a range of CD-rewritable components, the company has expanded its offering with a series of internal and external recorders. The LightSpeed series consists of five models, with E-IDE, Ultra SCSI and IEEE 1394 Firewire interfaces, as well as an external USB 2.0 model.

With an eye on the home theatre market, Yamaha will also launch a CDR/RW and HDD digital audio recorder with 20GB of capacity, which is expected to retail for $1999 and will be available in November.

New product line-up

CDRHD1000 - CR/RW with HDD.

DPX-1 - Home cinema projector.

RX-777 - Stereo receiver.

RAV2000 - Touchpad remote control.

TSS-1 - Theatre surround system.

LightSpeed - CR-RW series.

APU70 - Amplifier.

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