HP/COMPAQ: What they said

HP/COMPAQ: What they said

Carly Fiorina, HP chairperson and CEO

"Customers want more than just a hot box. The economic downturn only amplified and accelerated this fact".

Brian Gammage, Dataquest principal analyst "This is a defensive move by two struggling management teams that are looking to find a position in the computer industry".

Michael Capellas, Compaq CEO (now president of HP) "We are creating a new kind of industry leader".

Alan Mac Neela, Gartner principal analyst "The merger creates a tremendous amount of uncertainty. If I was Sun, I would be calling every HP and Compaq distributor and try to get an exclusive relationship".

Graham Penn, IDC Australia senior analyst "IBM has 18 months to prepare for the re-organisation of HP. They are not going to be sitting around watching".

Rob Small, Dell corporate communications manager "As soon as there is uncertainty in vendorland, customers start evaluating their long-term relationship with suppliers".

Jonathan Mills, Sun Microsystems UK product marketing manager "Staff morale will be quite low as there will be a lot of lay-offs. HP and Compaq will have to make two and two equal five, as you only merge to create added value".

Ron Harris, Harris Technology MD

"I would never have guessed it. I thought it more likely that IBM would sell its PC division to Dell rather than HP buying Compaq".

Lin Enright, ACCC spokesperson

"We will have a preliminary look at it and see if any further investigations are necessary".

Steve Rust, Ingram Micro MD

"I'm glad I'm not the one doing the integration on this deal because it would be a huge job".

Photograph: HP's Carly Fiorina

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