The secret to this word processor is its deceptive simplicity

Cost: $10.49 | Developer: Apple | Platform: iPad/ iPhone | Version: 1.4 | 87.9MB |

Anyone who hasn’t downloaded this yet probably should because, while it’s arguable whether the iPad will ever be good for more complex work documents such as spreadsheets, there’s no doubt Pages is better than its Microsoft counterpart.

The secret in this word processor is its deceptive simplicity. There’s very few icons cluttering the top of the interface, but that’s not to say it’s underfeatured. I can do everything I need to do with Microsoft Word in Pages with less fuss, and for obvious reasons I’m a daily user of word processors.

There’s a wide range of easy templates to use, from basic blank documents to letters, resumes, and more specific templates such as recipes and flyers. Adding pictures from photos stored on the iPad/ iPhone is easy, and completed documents can be sent to email or iTunes, or set up with the printer.

With a Bluetooth keyboard, it is incredibly easy to type out long form documents using pages. The only downside is that it lacks password protect, so if you leave your iPad in the cab, the cab driver might just end up being a best selling author on your work.

It’s also worth noting that where a conventional PC or Laptop will take a minute or two to boot and then open Word, the iPad or iPhone with Pages has you up and going in literally seconds. A huge boost to typing ideas as they come to you, or knocking off a sentence or two during a moment of downtime.

Pros: Quick, easy to use, more than enough features to be a good word processor.

Cons: Security options are a bit thin.

Verdict: The ultimate productivity app on the iPad. It might not do spreadsheets, but it does make the device a working device

Get it here: Apple App Store

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