APP OF THE DAY: nxCricket – Cricket Score Book

APP OF THE DAY: nxCricket – Cricket Score Book

"It's possible to track any cricket data you are after on this app"

nxCricket – Cricket Score Book
Cost: $7.49 | Developer: nXtreme | Platform: iPhone/iPad | Version: 2.1.2 | 2.1 MB | iOS 4.0+

It’s hard to find good cricket apps on the iPhone app store. After all, unlike, say rugby or football you’re looking at a market of just 10 nations or so.

But then, you only really need one good app, and nxCricket is it. It puts at your fingertips the ability to accurately track matches and careers for cricket clubs and players.

It could be that you’re watching TV at home, and would like your own pie charts, run rate worms and the like. Or you could be at your child's cricket match, and find yourself playing the role of the score keeper.

It's possible to track any cricket data you are after on this app - from scores by ball, to a batter’s average over 100 matches. It also exports match data to email to send around the teams or for inclusion in a newsletter.

The app is fairly expensive app, but it is comprehensive. If you’re into cricket, this app will turn your iPhone or iPad into your best friend (if it wasn’t already).

Pros: Comprehensive data collection, from wagon wheels right down to individual scoring shots and career statistics.

Cons: There’s really no criticisms to be had. Obviously, not everyone will find value from the app, but in delivering to its niche, it’s all-but perfect.

Verdict: Cricket fans can consider this a must have. Whether playing yourself, or following the Australian team over the season, there’s value to be had here.

Get it here: Apple App Store

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