Telstra moves into IPv6 with enterprise, government and wholesale customers

Telstra moves into IPv6 with enterprise, government and wholesale customers

The telco's Internet backbone now supports IPv4 and IPv6 for a selected group of customers

Telstra is offering IPv6 services to enterprise, government and wholesale customers.

Internode has already embarked on its IPv6 journey with a 12-month trial completed in November 2010. Since then it has gradually moved its national trial IPv6 service to full production mode.

iiNet has plans to follow suit.

IPv4 Web addresses are set to run out very soon and the new Internet protocol has been touted as a solution for the shortage since it can create a bigger pool of address space for Web portals.

Telstra has made upgrade at the backend which allows eligible customers to connect with either IPv4 or IPv6. This is known as ‘dual-stacking’.

This will help with the transition of customers from IPv4 to IPv6. Should customers opt-in to IPv6, they will have access to global IPv6 internet which is compatible with a number of international ISPs, according to Telstra.

“We have had a long-term roadmap for deploying IPv6 capability into our network, and are pleased the first of many access options are now available for our customers to commence their transition to IPv6,” Telstra director of transport and routing, David Robertson, said in a statement.

“The deployment of IPv6 into the network is an on-going program of work and we’ll make this available to toher networks such as DSL and our wireless networks over time.”

The company will be proving support for customers that want to move onto IPv6.

While the Asia-Pacific region has been quick to embrace IPv6, the rest of the world is still weighing up the value of migrating to the new protocol, according to analyst firm, Ovum.

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