Having Cisco by the balls

Having Cisco by the balls

This from Peter Gartlan at Comstra, one of Tassie's biggest and brightest resellers. Recently the Comstra crew were invited to an event in New Zealand courtesy of Cisco Systems. Among the skiing, boarding, bungy jumping, rafting, jet boating and luge-ing, the gang also took on the "ultimate adrenalin pump": playing pool with your workmates. This pic is three of Cisco's finest, Adam Philpott, Rob Finn, and Eric Pearce, in action well into the wee hours. We have been informed that Gabrielle Knowles, channel marketing manager at Cisco in Sydney, was the ringleader in the goings-on, but she's not returning our calls. Our spies tell us this might have something to do with an incident at one particular Queenstown eatery . . .

If anyone knows about this incident, please inform us at We'd also like to hear about any other out ‘n' about reseller trips -- the more debauchery the better!

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