App Creates mobile Cloud for Android, Windows

App Creates mobile Cloud for Android, Windows

Wyse has improved on its PocketCloud Pro app to seamlessly connect Android mobile devices and Windows PCs

Wyse is introducing the concept of a personal cloud--a seamless connection between your mobile device and your PC--with the launch of the latest version of Wyse PocketCloud Pro for Android. The new PocketCloud Pro challenges file syncing and transfer services by providing drag and drop file sharing between Android mobile devices and Windows PCs.

Smartphones and tablets continue to evolve into more powerful and capable platforms as time goes on, but they are not PCs. We often need to access tools and data that are still sitting at our desk inside our PC, and Wyse PocketCloud v1.3 for Android takes that connectivity to a new level by connecting and sharing data as if the mobile device and PC are one.

PocketCloud Pro v1.3 is based on Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). It provides a seamless experience for accessing files and applications spanning devices within your own personal mobile cloud comprised of your PC and your Android mobile device.

A Wyse press release explains, "For example, users can shoot a video on their Android phone, connect securely over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi to their home PC, run it through their favorite video processor, and post the finished product online--all without touching their PC, connecting wires, or sending files!"

The new capability in PocketCloud Pro v1.3 automatically mounts Android smartphone or tablet SD card storage as a local drive on the Windows PC when PocketCloud is connected. Files can be dragged and dropped between the two devices wirelessly as if the Android device is a part of the Windows file system. The direct connection from smartphone or tablet to PC also avoids any security or privacy concerns that might arise from storing sensitive information in a public cloud, or transmitting it over public networks.

In addition to the new drag and drop file access, the PocketCloud Pro app still provides remote desktop capabilities as well. You can run applications on the remote Windows computer from anywhere on the planet. Wyse has developed a number of features like the Touch Pointer, keyboard auto-activation, and custom keyboards with convenient shortcuts that make it simple to manipulate and interact with the remote Windows PC from a mobile touchscreen interface.

"At its core, PocketCloud has always been about making computing on mobile devices easy, intuitive and secure," says Daniel Barreto, general manager of the mobile cloud business unit at Wyse. "With PocketCloud you have peace of mind, knowing that your files are safely stored on your personal mobile devices and computers rather than the public Web."

PocketCloud Pro has been named the best mobile cloud app on Android tablets by PCWorld this year. The new feature is available for any Android user with a PC running Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista Pro or Windows 7 Pro.

You can get the new PocketCloud Pro for $14.99 in the Android Market.

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