Datafile solves space squeeze

Datafile solves space squeeze

Document management veteran Datafile has developed a space-effective alternative to the standard 19-inch networking rack which forms the basis of much congestion in data centres and digital libraries.

A subsidiary of the US-based TAB Products Group, Datafile has integrated its moduLAN 4001 re-locatable housing for local area networking equipment throughout Monash University campuses in Victoria, Malaysia and South Africa.

"Already our data centre serves something like 17,000 IP [Internet protocol] addresses, ranging from simple, shared student terminals to sophisticated, dedicated laboratory and engineering computers," said Monash data centre manager, Chris Bourke.

Bourke said the main university campus in Clayton is already overrun with Sun Solaris servers, and multiple versions of Unix, Novell and Linux.

"One of our biggest problems was the sheer growth in the numbers of keyboards and monitors needed," he explains.

Datafile's new moduLAN 4001, which stands 2.4 metres wide, 1.2 metres long and 2.29 metres high, accommodates all of the university's LAN system component screens, tower-boxes, wiring, storage and ancillaries within a lockable enclosure.

Monash also utilises Datafile's moduLAN 3001 system, a non-enclosed version of the same equipment that can grow three-dimensionally and has the advantage of keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) switching.

Datafile has transformed many of its proprietary physical filing solutions to suit electronic data storage (EDS) and computer output to laser disc (COLD) solutions. The company has also become an ASP-type document management centre for the large financial, manufacturing, legal and technology firms.

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