Solid State Disk and flash technology is reliable but still not perfect: Kroll Ontrack

Solid State Disk and flash technology is reliable but still not perfect: Kroll Ontrack

Survey finds that more than half of people experience data loss with SSD/Flash devices

A survey by data recovery and legal technology vendor, Kroll Ontrack, into Solid State Disk (SSD) and Flash technology use has found failure rates to be minimal among users.

According to the survey, Kroll Ontrack found that more than 90 per cent of respondents perceive SSD/Flash technology to be reliable.

However, 57 per cent of respondents also experienced data loss with SSD/Flash technology.

“System area corruption accounts for 60 per cent of SSD/Flash data loss, but physical damage, file system corruption, electronics failure and human error are also factors,” Kroll Ontrack APAC General Manager, Adrian Briscoe, said.

“In the case of SSD/Flash data loss, recovery can be more complex.”

Three-quarters of respondents see the recovery of data from SSD/Flash to be nearly impossible or complicated, and Briscoe points out the reason for this is that SSD/Flash data reside in a more scattered format on the drive compared to disk-based hard drives, where data is stored more linearly.

The other issue is that industry standards for data layout and organisation on SSD/Flash mediums have not been established, so the only way to recover data is to come up with custom solutions based on the specific manufacturer and model of the device.

Briscoe warns that while SSD/Flash technology provides many benefits, data loss incidents from these devices are on the rise, with Kroll Ontrack reporting a 20 percent increase in SSD/Flash recovery requests over the previous year.

Kroll Ontract recently launched its First Responder Program to educate organisations about data loss through customised and specific advice.

NOTE: ARN warns that this is vendor-sponsored research and should be treated as such when considering.

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