APP OF THE DAY: iTap mobile RDP

APP OF THE DAY: iTap mobile RDP

Provides a fast and secure way to connect to a Windows desktop and manage it from an Android device - from anywhere

iTap mobile RDP
Cost: $16.56 | Developer:HLW Software Development GmbH | Platform: Android | Version| 5.6 MB | 2.1+ We live in a world that continually aims to integrate technologies. Now the Windows desktop can be remotely managed from an Android device – using the iTap mobile RDP.

iTap mobile RDP provides a fast and secure way to connect to a Windows desktop and manage it from an Android device from anywhere.

It supports a new desktop engine that enables access to even huge desktops without altering its speed.

The app uses advanced compression and caching technologies, to conveniently access a Windows desktop – even if it uses a slower EDGE or GPRS connection.

It requires a common login to share between accounts but, allows automatic reconnection to existing sessions without storing passwords on your device.

The app is fully gesture-based for maximum screenspace and all tasks can be performed without the need of having extra buttons or bars on the screen.

It has a built-in keyboard that displays all the keys and modifiers of a traditional PC keyboard.

The app has full support for international languages and also plays the sound of your windows desktop automatically on the device.

Some of its other features include: three different mouse input modes, a full international keyboard support and remote program support.

Pros: Allows you to connect quickly without a vpn connection.

Cons: Has reported cases of being unusable on the Xoom.

Verdict: A good investment for a cheaper alternative to other similar secure apps.

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