Compuware: local mobile consumers’ expectations not being met

Compuware: local mobile consumers’ expectations not being met

Survey shows it is the result of poor mobile and application performance

Consumers aren't happy with their mobile performance, according toa survey by technology performance company, Compuware.

The company conducted a survey of Australian mobile consumer expectations, which revealed that a substantial percentage of Australian mobile consumers’ expectations are not met because of poor mobile and application performance.

The survey found mobile users demand quick, convenient transactions that work flawlessly regardless of their mode of access. But that is not what they are getting.

Compuware A/NZ application performance management director, Rafi Katanasho, said, “User expectations for mobiles continue to increase, but companies in Australia are not meeting mobile users’ need for fast and reliable experiences. Many companies are failing to take advantage of the opportunities being provided by increased mobile access.”

Six key findings emerged as a result of the research:

  1. The expectations for faster mobile web speeds increases – 62 per cent of local mobile Web users expect websites on their mobiles to load almost as fast as their home computers. This result stands in close comparison to the global average of 71 per cent and up 58 per cent from the results of 2009. However, 46 per cent said websites load more slowly on their phone.
  2. Half of all Australian Web users surveyed expected content to load on their mobile phones in less than three seconds and 62 per cent are prepared to wait five seconds or less for a single web page to load before exiting the site while 34 per cent of them are willing to do so for an application. Global statistics show 74 per cent for a single webpage and 50 per cent for an application.
  3. More than half (54 per cent) of local mobile Web users have had problems accessing a website in the last year and 45 per cent had a problem accessing an app on their phone. The results were similar to the global results of 57 per cent for users having a problem accessing a website in the past year and 47 per cent accessing an app on their phones.
  4. More than 82 per cent of local and 80 per cent of international mobile users are more willing to access websites more often from their phone if the experience was fast and reliable.
  5. Just under a third of mobile users will go to a competitor’s site instead of retrying a website or application that is not functioning initially. 77 per cent of Australian and 78 per cent of global mobile Web users are willing to retry a website and 79 per cent of local and 80 per cent of global are willing to retry an application two times or less if it does not work initially.
  6. 41 per cent of Australians are unlikely to return to a website that they had trouble accessing from their phone and 64 per cent are unlikely to recommend the site. This relates to nearly half of global mobile web users unlikely to return to a website and 57 per cent unlikely to recommend it.

The independent survey of more than 500 Australian users was conducted to understand consumer’s mobile Web and application expectations and experiences.

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