PRODUCTS: Bitdefender launches Total Security 2012 in A/NZ

PRODUCTS: Bitdefender launches Total Security 2012 in A/NZ

The user interface deserves in particular has received a complete overhaul to make the protection experience for the user as seamless and unobtrusive as possible.

Bucharest-based security vendor, Bitdefender, has released the newest edition of its popular security suite, Total Security 2012, in A/NZ.

Building upon the foundation of its already robust predecessors, such as Antivirus Pro 2011 and Internet Security Suite 2011, Total Security 2012 sports a new user interface and improved security features.

The user interface deserves in particular has received a complete overhaul to make the protection experience for the user as seamless and unobtrusive as possible.

“We’ve noticed that when using a security suite, most people complained about pop ups and questions, because they don’t know what decision to make in those situations,” Bitdefender software engineering manager, Adrian Lupei, said.

“So when it came to creating Total Security 2012, we wanted to develop a security solution that didn’t annoy the user by continually asking questions and instead made the best decisions for the user by itself.”

The new Autopilot mode allows users to merely flick a single switch on the interface and the software automatically turns on the security for the computer, enabling the user to immediately start browsing the Internet or doing work on their computer without the need to spend time adjusting individual security settings.

“This interface is unified, where you can get technical and adjust all the settings that you want, or just simply flick the Autopilot switch to allow the program to do all of your decisions for you,” Bitdefender global PR coordinator North America and Asia Pacific, Andrei Taflan, said.

“It automatically sets the best settings for your computer and takes care of any issues that pop up.”

In addition to improved performance in scanning and identifying malicious software, another key addition to Total Security 2012 is social networking protection through its Safego application.

“If any of your posts are infected, you can delete that post through the Safego app and warn your Facebook friends about the issue,” Bitdefender head of online threats lab, Catalin Cosoi, said.

For users who want to know what Total Security 2012 is doing in the background, notifications about blocked malware and spam are shown in the “events” menu much in the same way notifications are displayed on Facebook.

For advanced users, the various modules in the user interface can be scrolled vertically in a way that is familiar to users of iPhone or iPad when scrolling pages of apps on their device.

The release of Total Security 2012 also marks the complete rebranding of Bitdefender, with a mythical Romanian creature composed of the head of a wolf and the body of a snake adopted as their corporate logo.

“The logo is the modern interpretation of an ancient war symbol used by our ancestors,” Lupei said.

“The idea behind the branding was to promote the ‘awake but silent security’ approach we have taken with Total Security 2012 when targeting the consumer market, and it will be later applied to our business products as well.”

Total Security 2012 is being launched alongside sister products Internet Security 2012 and Antivirus Plus 2012, and is available in Australia starting from $89.95 for a one year, single user license.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android devices is available for free from the Android Market, with plans to release an iOS version in the future.

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