XP funnies

XP funnies

The following are some of the more notable memories from the launch of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows XP:

Microsoft marketing executives claimed the product will be "17 times more usable" than previous operating systems. We are unsure exactly how one measures "usability", but we would like to mention that ARN's recent redesign has made the magazine 31.7 per cent more "readable".

Watching Bill Gates at his Muppet-like best say enthusiastically that XP "is also really cool".

My own confusion at why so many thousands of people appeared in Homebush for a product launch. It's not like Elle was releasing a new line of underwear or anything, it's just software for God's sake.

The roars of laughter from the crowd when the XP product manager exclaimed that XP "brings to the end the era of computer crashes."

Microsoft local MD Paul Houghton clapping himself on and off stage à la Steve Martin in Leap of Faith. Alleluia Microsoft!

That poor lass from Bardot attempting to say thank you into a microphone that wasn't switched on, confirming the act had mimed. Who would've guessed?

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