IBM's fishy business

IBM's fishy business

There's something that just doesn't smell right at IBM. Fishing for a story, the attentions of this Tabloid reporter were drawn to a press release from one of Big Blue's offices in New York state. This particular office is situated in the pungently perfumed town of East Fishkill.

IBM allegedly opened an office in East Fishkill because land was surprisingly cheap in the area. As it turns out, the town hides a grim secret, one that would send Rex Hunt leaping into a pond of piranhas.

Just west of East Fishkill, which is just east of West Fishkill, legend has it that a fish was tortured and murdered, its appendages torn asunder and its head wantonly tossed into nearby shrubs.

Indeed, the killing of fish is not your everyday occurrence, therefore you can understand why a town would choose to name itself after such an unusual event. According to one local, the name is the town's way of paying its respects to that luckless fish, and ensuring the tragic day will never be forgotten. "I think the town's name really puts us on the map," the local added.

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