Mincom launches B2B outsourcing service

Mincom launches B2B outsourcing service

Software developer Mincom has launched a hosted B2B integration service called "Axis" which aims to link Mincom customers to their suppliers, service providers and other trading partners.

The software solution will be hosted by Mincom's outsourcing division, Mincom Managed Services (formerly Tequinox).

Mincom chief technology officer Peter Suchting said many large mining and utilities companies, the target market for Mincom for over 20 years, have long been stumbling with the integration of their existing systems with those of their trading partners. Now, with ubiquitous access to data via the Internet, the increased reliability of networks, and the availability of sophisticated integration tools, he believes these problems can be solved.

Axis was built on IBM's WebSphere Business Integrator software. Suchting said IBM played an important role in developing and supporting the solution, but he admits the vendor also competes with such a service through its Global Services arm.

"Global Services actually partners with us on a number of bids, and on others we compete," he said. "It is not something that is difficult to overcome - as long as both of you know what line you can't cross."

The solution has already been deployed at gold producer Newmont Mining in the US and Indonesia. It has also been implemented at Cleveland Cliffs, a US iron ore company. There are no deals inked in Australia as yet, but Mincom has run several successful pilots and Suchting expects several implementations to go into production within the next quarter.

"While it was conceived and designed here in Australia, we went straight into production in the US and Asia before deploying it at home," he said.

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