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Scalix Enables Resellers to Deliver Hardened Email and Collaboration Appliance with Rich Email Client Support and Integrated Hygiene

  • 27 March, 2006 09:32

<p>Scalix Appliance Kit Combines Best of Appliance Model with Open
Architecture, Provides Value-Added Service Opportunities for Channel
<p><span style="font-weight: bold;">San Mateo, CA and LinuxWorld
Australia</span>—March 27, 2006—Scalix, the leading provider of
enterprise email and calendaring on Linux, announced at LinuxWorld
Australia today the availability of the Scalix Appliance Kit to their
channel. The appliance kit is a channel-friendly email and
collaboration software suite that provides the best aspects of the
appliance model -- plug-'n-play convenience, reliability and low-cost
-- with the openness and service opportunities sought by resellers. It
is an integrated, preconfigured open source and open systems software
stack based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, the award-winning Scalix
email and calendaring system, and email hygiene components ClamAV and
SpamAssassin. Resellers combine the kit with an Intel-compatible server
to provide a complete hardware/software solution featuring a robust
email server with rich email client support, high reliability, security
and low cost of ownership. This empowers resellers to deliver a
messaging solution that leverages the benefits of Linux email and
calendaring, without customers requiring Linux expertise. It automates
installation, configuration and maintenance, letting resellers focus on
higher value services such as email migration, security and
management.  For customers, the kit reduces the technical
expertise needed to set up and operate a world-class messaging server.
They just plug it in and answer a few questions to get a reliable,
easy-to-use and secure email system that supports rich email clients,
including Outlook, Scalix Web Access (SWA) -- the AJAX-pioneering web
email client, Evolution, POP/IMAP clients and wireless devices. The
appliance kit leverages carrier grade Linux features to enhance
reliability and availability. It is based on a self-sustaining
future-proof design for software and security updates that ensures that
Scalix appliances remain secure with high uptime. Scalix Appliances
built with the kit represent a major advance over alternative "black
box" email appliances that are based on proprietary hardware and
software and that are difficult to extend and integrate. The Scalix
Appliance Kit uses open source and industry standards for easy
customization and integration.<br/>
"Custom Technology is pleased to be announcing the Scalix Appliance at
LinuxWorld Australia in Sydney today”, said Gordon Hubbard, Managing
Director, Custom Technology Australia Pty. Ltd., “Scalix has once again
raised the bar by simplifying the deployment process for resellers,
while still maintaining a future-proof open architecture.”<br/>
"The Scalix Appliance can benefit a large number of organizations that
lack modern, secure email and calendaring because they have found the
alternatives to be too complex, costly, and often require too steep of
a learning curve," said Gregory Rosenberg, Chief Technology Officer,
RICIS, Inc. "By making it easy to provide a plug-'n-play, reliable and
secure email appliance, resellers can now service organizations that
they never could before."<br/>
The Scalix Appliance Kit enables resellers to deliver a complete
messaging solution based on open source software, industry standards
and the innovative Scalix email and calendaring system. Plug-'n-play,
turnkey installation, ease-of-administration, "mail-tone" reliability
(99.99% uptime) and rich functionality make deploying an enterprise
email/collaboration system easier than ever before. Customers literally
plug in a server based on the appliance kit and answer a few questions.
Setup and configuration are automated, eliminating the need for an
experienced email administrator. The kit enables Scalix Appliances to
support rich email clients, including the industry's most advanced
third party native Outlook support, SWA, ScalixConnect for Evolution
and wireless email/PIM. SWA provides users on any platform with a
significantly enhanced webmail experience by offering a desktop-grade
interface in a cross-browser (Mozilla, Firefox, IE) and cross-platform
(Linux, Windows and Mac) environment. Migration to a Scalix appliance
is non-disruptive to end users, because they can continue using their
email client of choice. Scalix appliances also are interoperable with
Exchange and Active Directory for seamless co-existence and phased
The Scalix Appliance Kit uses an open source stack that consists of
these integrated components: <br/></p>
<li>"Lintel" hardware server of reseller or customer choice (e.g.
from Dell, IBM, HP and other vendors)</li>
<li>Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4 securely hardened to CC EAL 3
security standards</li>
<li>Scalix Email and Calendaring Server, including support for rich
email clients such as Outlook, SWA, Evolution, POP/IMAP clients and
wireless devices (BlackBerries, Treos, Smartphones)</li>
<li>Scalix Administrative Console, an AJAX-based client for email
<li>Tripwire for Servers</li>
<li>SEP sesam for backup, restore and recovery (trial license)</li>
<li>Appliance monitoring and management via a web-based GUI for
simple anytime, anywhere, secure, remote access for troubleshooting,
support and maintenance</li>
<li>Automated health checks with automated notification to
<li>Automated software and security updates</li>
The Scalix Appliance Kit is designed for high-volume global
distribution channels. Highly scalable and affordable, a single Scalix
appliance based on the kit can support from 50 to 5,000 users.<br/>
"The Scalix Appliance Kit enables partners to address the large pent-up
demand for a secure email appliance with rich client support," said
Glenn Winokur, Chief Executive Officer, Scalix. "We view the channel
with strategic importance, and offering a Scalix appliance only through
authorized partners reinforces our commitment to the channel.
Furthermore, the appliance kit is the perfect addition for any reseller
that sells complementary appliances into IT infrastructure."<br/>
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Pricing and Availability</span><br/>
Pricing for the software-only Scalix Appliance Kit starts at $995 (995
Euros for European and A$1472 ex GST for Australian customers) for 50
users (Red Hat software license cost not included).  It will be
generally available in April, 2006. Resellers can learn more by
visiting the Custom Technology Australia stand at LinuxWorld Australia
(Stand B17 <a href=""></a>)
or emailing and requesting information on the Scalix
Appliance Kit.  End user organizations interested in a Scalix
appliance based on the kit should contact their nearest Scalix reseller
which can be located via the Scalix Partner Directory at <a href=""></a>.<br/>
<span style="font-weight: bold;">About Scalix</span><br/>
Scalix is the leading provider of enterprise email, calendaring and
collaboration software based on Linux and open source. Scalix allows
companies of all sizes to reduce the cost and complexity of their email
environment with a richly-featured, reliable and scalable messaging
solution that blends seamlessly with both open source and proprietary
software, including Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and Active Directory.
Scalix offers customers flexibility and freedom of choice at all levels
of the IT stack from the desktop to email related infrastructure
components, helping them achieve independence from vendor, technology
and licensing lock-in. Customers include the Fortune 1000, public
sector and higher education . The privately held company is
headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices and distribution
partners in North America, Europe and the Pacific Rim. For more
information, visit <a href=""></a>.<br/>
Scalix is a trademark of Scalix Corporation. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective owners.<br/>

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