Hybrid cloud: IBM’s view

Hybrid cloud: IBM’s view

There are no requirements that cannot be met by a hybrid cloud solution

According to IBM Australia, business development executive, cloud computing, Simon Kaye, hybrid clouds are set to be the norm because there are no requirements that cannot be met by a hybrid cloud solution.

“You can have the best of both cloud worlds: the pay as you go price and simplicity of a public cloud delivered in concert with the flexibility and security of a private cloud or existing legacy IT investments,” Kaye said.

“Organisations considering moving to a hybrid cloud solution should undertake careful and detailed planning. The first step is an analysis of the data and interfaces in your IT systems. Begin with the data and give a value to its importance, for example is the data in the public domain, key to your business or imperative to your competitive advantage?

"Based on this value, you can then determine which systems and data can move around your organisation and begin to choose different cloud sourcing and pricing models to suit your operations,” he said.

“Picture this: If your data does not have strict regulations or privacy considerations, like a CRM workflow system, it could be considered for a public cloud environment linked to secure data within your enterprise via integration tools.

“At the other end of the scale, highly sensitive data, such as an enterprise financial system with customer details, should be considered a private cloud candidate to ensure ongoing control and compliance.

“There is nothing to say these two systems could not be linked across the clouds, with the right data being made available in the right secure cloud delivery model.”

Kaye said hybrid clouds will become ‘the cloud of the future’ as organisations look manage IT by combining private clouds and public clouds in order to augment and improve the return on all IT investments.

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