Asheron calls Australian retailer

Asheron calls Australian retailer

An Adelaide software retailer has made a splash on gamers' forums around the globe, becoming one of the first dealers worldwide to stock Microsoft's highly anticipated Asheron's Call Dark Majesty.

While US retailers were still taking pre-orders for the expansion of the popular role-playing game, The Berlin Wall Software Warehouse was already supplying the title, which has not yet been released in Australia.

"We received a small supply of the sought-after title from our regular supplier, Express Data," explained proprietor Rob Beaumont. "Our automated system puts our stock control, availability and pricing onto our Web site and we were then inundated with e-mail orders crying out . . . me first!"

The Berlin Wall Software Supermarket became the subject of various discussions at sites such as the Warcry Forums, receiving e-mails from Canada, New Zealand and all over Australia.

"I understand one of the guys in Canada was actually the first person in the world to receive and log on to start buying cottages and so on, thanks to us and his quick eye on the Internet.

"We have naturally sold out now and that's it until the official release which I understand is weeks away in Australia," Beaumont said.

Asheron's Call Dark Majesty includes the full version of Asheron's Call, as well as new additions such as housing and storage, and improved models and textures which require a 3D graphics accelerator. Normally Australian retailers have to wait months for copies of popular PC titles.

"This sort of thing doesn't happen very often in Australia, never mind little old us in little old Adelaide," Beaumont said.

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