"Extra texting features are all very useful"

Cost: $US9.95 | Developer:biteSMS | Platform: iPhone | iOS 4+

biteSMS is a “souped-up replacement to the built-in messaging application”. Straight from the horses mouth and it’s the most apt way of describing the app.

SMS has now become a integral part of owning a mobile phone and some people even replace voice conversations with a flurry of text messages instead.

While the default iPhone text application is adequate, if your life revolves around sending and receiving SMS, then you might want to invest in biteSMS.

Some of the more useful features include quick reply which allows you to reply to a text as soon as you get it rather than having to unlock your phone and loading the text app.

Then there is quick compose, which lets users write up a text message, again without unlocking the phone or accessing their text app directly.

Scheduled SMS is also a great feature. Never forget to send Birthday well wishes to loved ones with biteSMS’ automated messaging function.

For security, text messages can be protected through a dedicated passcode for biteSMS.

A full list of the app’s features are listed here.

Texts will go through your usual mobile carrier. But if your carrier charges through the nose for text messages, there is an option to buy text credits from biteSMS.

So what’s the catch? Well, you have to jailbreak your iPhone, which is perfectly legal now but is a bit of a chore to do.

I can’t speak for everybody, but for the convenient additional functions of biteSMS, I’d say it’s worth the trouble.

Pros: Extra texting features are all very useful, great for people that deal with a flood of text messages day in day out.

Cons: Phone needs to be Jailbroken in order to use the app. Perfectly legal, just annoying to do.

Verdict: If you love or depend on texting in your day to day life, definitely get biteSMS.

Get it here:

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